Riverland Drive corridor management plan

The BCD Council of Governments is leading a community-based initiative to prepare a Corridor Management Plan (CMP) for Riverland Drive on James Island. Riverland Drive was designated a scenic byway by the South Carolina Scenic Highways Committee in 1988. A Corridor Management Plan (CMP) is a written plan developed by the surrounding community that sets forth its goals, vision, and strategies for preserving and promoting a scenic byway. The Plan will address issues related to the byway such as historic and cultural preservation, roadway safety, and economic development. It will specifically outline how to preserve, protect, and enhance the byways character and assets that define the corridor. The CMP plan will also define how the corridor should look like in 10-15 years with the goals and implementation strategies on how to get there. The study is being funded through a grant from the Federal Highway Administration Scenic Byways Program.

The first public input meeting was held on April 8th and discussed the purpose and goals of the Riverland Drive CMP study. The meeting also asked citizens to identify what should be preserved and enhanced along the corridor today and in the future. A second public meeting will be held in late June 2014 to discuss the vision of the corridor, as well as identify goals and recommendations. The CMP final document will be completed in Fall 2014.