The Planning Department assists units of local governments in developing, applying and administering Community Development Block Grants (CDBG). Administrative services include application preparation and packaging, environmental reviews, program start-up, procurement and contracting, acquisition, labor standards and financial management.

The CDBG Program was developed in 1974 and designed to help units of local government address social and environmental problems in low income neighborhoods through neighborhood revitalization,economic development and the improvement of community facilities. CDBG grants are available through the South Carolina Department of Commerce to local governments under four separate categories:Community Infrastructure, Community Enrichment, Neighborhood Revitalization and Ready-To-Go.

CDBG Project Categories:

Community Infrastructure

  • Grant maximum: $750,000
  • Grant minimum: $50,000
  • Applications typically are due in April

 This program contributes to the creation of healthy and sustainable residential communities through water, sewer, roads, drainage and other activities that aim to address health concerns within the community, create a more viable regional infrastructure solution or upgrade infrastructure to address quality standards.

Community Enrichment

  • Grant maximum: $500,000
  • Grant minimum: $50,000
  • Applications typically are due in September

 This program funds facilities, services and other activities that strengthen existing communities through education and workforce development, by increasing economic competitiveness, or by making communities safer and healthier.

Neighborhood Revitalization

  • Grant maximum: $500,000
  • Grant minimum $50,000
  • Applications are typically due in September

 This program is designed to assist in the development of sustainable communities through revitalization of in-town residential neighborhoods.

Ready-to-Go Projects

  • Grant maximum: $500,000
  • Grant minimum: $50,000
  • Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis

 This program addresses urgent or compelling community needs in order to stimulate the local economy. Ready-to-go projects require an upfront investment in local and other funds for planning, project design and permitting. All pre-bid activities must be completed prior to applying for this program.

Staff can assist local governments seek grant or loan funding from a variety of federal and state sources, and can mix and match sources of such funding to aid in recruiting businesses to the region and assist existing businesses with relocation or expansion.