BCDCOG is an association of, by and for local governments that helps Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester county leaders plan for common needs, cooperate for mutual benefit and coordinate for sound regional development.

Regional Planning 


Workforce Development

Economic Development

Public Engagement

BCDCOG works on projects large and small throughout the region.
They all need your voice.

BCDCOG Cares: Revolving Loan Fund

Funding is available to help eligible businesses bounce back from the pandemic. Business owners may apply for a loan with the option to defer interest for up to one year.

Beach Traffic Cameras

Heading to an area beach? Check the waves (of traffic) first!

Lowcountry Rapid Transit

Modern transportation to transform our region.

Regional Data

Maps. Stats. Insights.


Beach traffic, bus tracking, buddy trips and more.


Regional Population


Regional Households


Total Businesses


Local Governments

Procurement Opportunities

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Public Review

Public Review: CHATS FY 2021-2027 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)  | Deadline for Comments: January 31, 2023 by 5 PM

Public Review: CHATS Long Range Plan Amendment & Obligations Report  | Deadline for Comments: January 30, 2023 by 5 PM

Public Review: 2023 Title VI Program for Transportation Activities  |  Download Document  |  Deadline for Comments: January 23, 2023 by 5 PM

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