BCD Regional Freight Mobility Plan

Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester counties serve as a key trade gateway, linking the state and southeastern U.S. markets to the world. Our region is experiencing significant growth, with new industry and residents relocating to the area daily. This growth, however, has come with challenges as many roadways have reached their capacity limits. Growing congestion negatively impacts the movement of people and goods in the region, degrading quality of life factors.

Freight mobility is an important aspect of the area’s transportation system performance and a major driving force for the tri-county economy. The BCD Regional Freight Mobility Plan will provide an in-depth evaluation of the area’s freight conditions, trends, challenges and opportunities, and guide freight investment in the region. The plan development process will build stakeholder engagement and foster relationships with the freight community, both public and private.

What is the BCD Regional Freight Plan?

The key objectives of the Freight Plan are to:

  • Collect system freight data, across modes, that support an ongoing regional freight-planning function
  • Create a framework of analysis for freight performance measures and the identification of freight-specific issues on the transportation network to inform a set of strategic recommendations
  • Develop a framework for incorporating Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) efforts and emerging technologies into freight planning, modeling, and prioritization processes
  • Guide the prioritization and implementation of future investments, policies, and strategies in the short-, mid-, and long-term that improve the safety, security, mobility, operations and reliability of the freight transportation system and support the economic development goals of the region

Why should I care about the Freight Plan?

Freight mobility is an important aspect of the area’s transportation system performance and a major driving force for the tri-county economy. The movement of freight not only impacts the region’s economy, it supplies you with your needed, everyday goods such as toilet paper, clothing and groceries.

I work in the freight industry; how do I participate?

Developing and maintaining meaningful relationships between BCDCOG and the public- and private-sector freight communities is critical for both the development and implementation of the Freight Plan.

Stakeholders play a critical role in identifying freight transportation system deficiencies and opportunities, prioritizing projects and generating buy-in for public policy and future investment in freight infrastructure. To learn more about how you can engage, please contact project manager Sarah Cox at (843) 529-2585 or sarahc@bcdcog.com.

Regional Freight Mobility Plan: Final Report

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 Public Review: BCD Regional Freight Mobility Plan (Draft)