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Rural Long Range Transportation Plan

The purpose of the Rural Long Range Transportation Plan is to bring together relevant stakeholders to identify the rural transportation needs in the Berkeley-Charleston-Dorchester region between now and the year 2040. The scope of the plan uses the most up to date census information.

An effective regional transportation system is a vital component to a healthy community. The “system” is not simply a crisscross of roads for people and vehicles, it is a deliberately planned and integrated set of transportation components that work together to safely and efficiently move people and goods from one location to another.

While there are many different modes of transportation, this 2040 BCDCOG RLRTP primarily focuses on the following four transportation components:

  • Roadway Network
  • Public Transportation
  • Freight Network
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities


> Rural Planning Work Program FY20-FY21

> Rural Long Range Transportation Plan Financial Document

– Rural TIP 2017-2022 Amendment, March 24, 2020

– Rural TIP 2017-2022 Amendment, May 18, 2020

– Rural TIP 2017-2022 June 19, 2020

Past Documents:

> 2035 Rural Long Range Transportation Plan

– Rural Long Range Transportation Plan Amendment, March 24, 2020