The Coastal Carolina Fair is a beloved regional institution fully supported by CARTA and BCDCOG.

The Lowcountry Rapid Transit Fairgrounds park-and-ride facility will greatly expand fair gate revenue potential while providing traffic relief for the fair and more regional connections year-round.

The park-and-ride will offer service to the community throughout the year, including the 11 days the fair operates, meaning thousands of car-free trips to the event. The facility will also connect residents of Ladson, Summerville and surrounding areas to jobs, healthcare and education year-round via Lowcountry Rapid Transit.

The fairgrounds include “180 acres and parking for over 10,000 cars,” according to fair data. The park-and-ride will impact only a fraction of the overall property – just 6 acres – or 3% of the land. The fair does not collect parking revenue during the event.

BCDCOG plans to provide full compensation for the piece of land that was previously cooperatively identified with fair leadership and will continue to work with the fair to ensure that the park-and-ride’s presence is only positive, including an offer of discounted LCRT fares for patrons.

Environmental and design work for the site has been approved by the Federal Government.