The public has the opportunity to comment on an action to approve the Updated Statewide Multimodal
Transportation Plan (MTP).

The MTP – “Drive Our Future”is South Carolina’s long-range transportation plan
which is updated approximately every five years to reflect the latest information on travel and growth trends,
goals and objectives, safety and security, infrastructure conditions, future deficiencies, and estimated funding
as well as the latest federal requirements. The (MTP) identifies South Carolinas statewide modal
transportation needs, forecasts investment levels and estimates annual funding gaps for the next twenty years,
while also considering performance and transportation asset management principles. The MTP evaluates
various modes of transportation including:

  • Roadways Ports
  • Bridges Bike/Pedestrian
  • Freight Rail
  • Mass Transit Intercity Bus

The 2040 MTP update includes fully integrated modal plans for the Interstate, Strategic Corridors, Public
Transit and Human Health Service Coordination, Freight, and Rail. SCDOT recognizes that other agencies and
the private sector must collaboratively work together to preserve, modernize, integrate and expand to provide
improved mobility options and access to all South Carolinians, visitors, businesses, and industries.
There are a number of updates provided within this document to address numerous changes that have
occurred since the 2040 MTP was approved in 2014. The horizon year remains unchanged at 2040 as the plan
continues to provide the requisite 20-year horizon. The 2040 MTP incorporates SCDOT’s Strategic Plan,
Transportation Asset Management Plan (TAMP), 10-Year Plan and the State Transportation Improvement
Program (STIP) into the decision making process in an effort to drive data driven decisions with a predictable
Upon completion of the 30 day public comment period any substantive comments will be provided to the

A copy of this press release, along with the DRAFT of the Updated (MTP), is available for public review
and comment until August 20, 2020 online at these links:

English: https://bit.ly/usmtpdof

Spanish: https://bit.ly/usmtpdofsp

A hard copy of this press release and any supporting information are available for public review and comment at the following location:

Berkeley-Charleston-Dorchester Council of Governments
5790 Casper Padgett Way
N. Charleston, SC 29406

Comments will be accepted until the close of business on August 20, 2020 and should be forwarded to:

Ms. Viola Covington – Public Involvement Manager
SCDOT Office of Planning
955 Park Street
P.O. Box 191
Columbia, S.C. 29202