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The South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) requests comments from the public for the rural public transit projects under Section 5311. SCDOT Commission approved funding for these projects using a funding formula in February 2017. SCDOT Commission approved an opportunity for the public to comment on the proposed projects during its January 18, 2024 meeting.

The public has the opportunity to comment on the action to amend the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) to include the proposed transit projects. SCDOT will receive public comment for a 21-day period from January 18, 2024 through February 8, 2024.

A summary of substantive comments will be available to the Commission. Pending no substantive comments, the project(s) will be added to a subsequent version of the STIP.

To assist those who do not have internet access, a printed copy of this press release and any supporting information is available for public review and comment at any of the South Carolina Department of Transportation District Offices and the South Carolina Carolina Council of Government Offices

SCDOT has selected these projects in consideration of established priorities as required by federal laws or regulations and in accordance with the S.C. Code of Laws, Section 57-1-370 and the Agency’s 10-Year Plan.

Document for Review:

Comments will be accepted until the close of business on February 8, 2024

Comments can be submitted in the following ways:

  • Mailed to:
    Syrees Gillens Oliver
    Public Involvement Director
    SC Department of Transportation
    Post Office Box 191
    955 Park Street
    Columbia, SC 29202-0191
  • Emailed to: scdotpubliccomment@scdot.org
  • Submit comments online by selecting the Comment Form Button below and filling out a brief form: Comment Form


A copy of this press release, along with a copy of the funding distribution plan, is available for public review and online comments through February 8, 2024.

A hardcopy is available for review at:

5790 Casper Padgett Way
North Charleston, 29406