The South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) requests comments from the public on the proposed additional 2023 Rural Interstate Freight Corridor Projects. The SCDOT Commission approved, during its January 19, 2023 meeting, an opportunity for the public to comment on the recommended ranked rural interstate freight corridor project list. SCDOT will receive public comments for a 21-day period from January 23, 2023 through February 12, 2023.

In accordance with the Strategic10-Year Transportation Asset Management Plan for rebuilding South Carolina’s roads, the Commission approved the Secretary’s recommended ranked list of corridors for inclusion in the Rural Interstate Freight Network Mobility Improvement Program. This interstate widening program specifically targets the rural sections of South Carolina’s interstate system with a focus on freight mobility and is in addition to the previously approved interstate widening projects planned for the urban areas of the state. Following the public comment period, SCDOT plans to begin the preliminary work necessary in order to be prepared to advance projects within the program once significant funding becomes available.

A summary of comments will be available to the Commission prior to submitting the projects for inclusion in the STIP. A copy of this press release, along with the list of proposed projects, is available for public review and comment online until February 12, 2023.

To assist those who do not have internet access, a hard copy of this press release and any supporting information are available for public review and comment at the following location:

5790 Casper Padgett Way

North Charleston, SC 29406

Tel. 843.529.0400

Official Press Release and documents: scdot.org

Comments can be added here: Comment Form

Document Download here: SCDOT January 2023 Public Review Notice