About SBP

SBP, a leading social impact organization focused on disaster resilience and recovery, solves the challenges facing at-risk communities and scales impact with a proven model that brings the rigor of business and innovation to reduce risk, create resilient communities, and streamline recovery. By taking this holistic approach, SBP shrinks the time between disaster and recovery in three connected ways—prepare, shape and build:

  1. SBP prepares individuals, communities, and organizations to mitigate risk and speed recovery.
  2. SBP shapes federal policy and system change and state and local disaster recovery programs to be more efficient and effective.
  3. SBP builds resilient communities efficiently and effectively and shares our proven model and approach with others.
Position Summary

The Resilience Fellow will work alongside the Berkeley-Charleston-Dorchester Council of Government (BCD-COG) Planning Department to:

  • Understand current disaster and climate risks within the BCD-COG’s region
  • Determine current mitigation and resilience priorities
  • Identify underserved communities with designated Community Disaster Resilience Zones aslocations of focus
  • Raise and effectively implement supportive funding
  • Develop resilience and mitigation projects
  • Act as a capacity magnifier to local governments, amplifying resilience and mitigation priorities

The perfect candidate will have experience with: FEMA Mitigation programs, HUD recovery products (CDBG-DR and CDBG-MIT), Federal and State/Local resilience funding, and affordable housing programs, and possess the ability to effectively implement that knowledge to help secure resilience and mitigation funding for communities in this region.

This is a 2-year position as part of the SBP Resilience and Recovery Fellowship Program.

For more information on the position such as responsibilities, qualifications, and expections download here:

  Fellows Position Description South Carolina