If you travel more than 15 miles each way on your commute, then vanpooling might be for you! It’s a surefire way to save money and time, and you might even discover a few minutes of relaxation.

Vanpools are ideal for groups of five to 15 people and commuters who vanpool. Vanpoolers will split the driving plus the cost of maintenance, insurance, and fuel. Many employers subsidize vanpools to offer greater incentives and cost savings opportunities for commuters.

Lowcountry Go currently has a fleet of 11 vehicles (four 7-passenger and seven 15-passenger) that are available to lease. If you have questions or would like to start or join a Vanpool, contact Lowcountry Go Vanpool Coordinator Courtney Cherry, at courtneyc@bcdcog.com or call 843-529-6286.