Emergency Ride Home

What happens when you use sustainable transportation to get to work and an emergency arises? Have no fear, Emergency Ride Home has your back!

Lowcountry Go offers Emergency Ride Home services to put commuters at ease should a situation arise in which users need to leave work in a pinch.  This service provides a reimbursable taxi or rideshare service home from the office to commuters who are registered users of Ride Low Go and take part in transit, walk, bike, vanpool, or carpool. The Emergency Ride Home program can also be utilized as a stand-alone service for employers; if interested, connect with us.


This is a reimbursable program for Lowcountry Go users! Register for Emergency Ride Home services by signing up with our commuter web application, Ride Low Go. After you’ve registered, when you have an emergency and need a ride home from work, pay for your transportation method of choice and then come back here to submit your trip details and receipt. The program will reimburse up to $55 each use for up to three uses per calendar year.  Tips for rideshare services are not eligible for reimbursement.

The Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program serves as a safety net for ouir registered ridesharing commuters. If an emergency such as family illness or mandatory OT keeps you from getting your usual ride, you can be reimbursed up to $55 of the cost to ride to your home or var via bus, cab, or transportation services (such as Uber or Lyft).