NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (MAY 13, 2019) The Berkeley-Charleston-Dorchester Council of Governments (BCDCOG) will hold a series of daily workshops May 21-23 with key stakeholders and the community as part of developing a Brownfields Area-Wide Plan at St. Matthews Baptist Church Fellowship Hall. Funded with a planning grant from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the plans focus is to identify and address challenges faced in a section of Rivers Avenue between McMillan Avenue and Burton Lane.

Workshop discussions and activities will focus on examining redevelopment challenges and opportunities along the corridor in light of brownfield sites, with a goal of identifying options to improve connectivity and community amenities for surrounding neighborhoods. With multiple planning initiatives underway in the area, such as the proposed Lowcountry Rapid Transit (LCRT), Rivers Avenue will likely undergo a transformation that will impact nearby and adjacent properties. The Brownfields Area-Wide Planning initiative provides a forum for the community and its leaders to establish a framework for future redevelopment.

The public is invited to attend the three-day series of workshops at St. Matthews Baptist Church, located at 2005 Reynolds Avenue in North Charleston. All are welcome to drop in during the day starting at 10 a.m. Community members are encouraged to participate in the daily 5:30 p.m. pin-up sessions to review and comment on project updates made each day on plan designs.

For more information, contact BCDCOG Planning Director Kathryn Basha at (843) 529-0400 ext. 5026 or email KathrynB@bcdcog.com.

Learn more about the schedule here:Rivers Avenue Connectivity Public Workshop