Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester counties are a major trade gateway, linking South Carolina and southeastern U.S. markets to the world.

This thriving tri-county region is also experiencing significant growth, with new industry and residents relocating to the area daily. Such momentum, however, has come with challenges, including increased roadway congestion and safety issues, higher vehicle emissions, and inadequate truck parking capacity problems, all of which can have negative impacts on freight mobility.

With a booming port and manufacturing sector, freight mobility is an important aspect of the area’s transportation system performance and a major driving force for the tri-county economy.

The BCD Regional Freight Mobility Plan – approved by the BCDCOG Board of Directors at its June 2022 meeting – provides the region with a blueprint for developing a transportation network that allows for the safe and efficient movement of goods and people, and supports economic growth while also minimizing the negative impacts associated with increased freight movement.

The plan takes an integrated land use-transportation planning approach to identify the area’s freight transportation needs, and provides a comprehensive, multimodal mix of infrastructure improvements, and policy and program recommendations to address these issues.

Read the BCD Regional Freight Mobility Plan here.