BCDCOG is working with the Town of Mount Pleasant on the Mount Pleasant Transit Study. The purpose of the study is to conduct a detailed analysis of the transit need in the Town, as well as to identify a strategy for implementing new service based on the gaps identified. Phase I was focused on understanding the need to develop a Transit Vision, and Phase II will develop service scenarios, operating plans, and an implementation strategy. In Phase 1, we received over 1,200 responses to our online survey and spoke to a range of stakeholders.? Based on the response to online and public surveys, stakeholder interviews, planning study reviews, and data analysis, the following Vision was presented for the Town of Mount Pleasant:

Promote a connected public transportation system in Mount Pleasant that is fast, reliable, and convenient to reduce traffic congestion, enhance economic development, improve mobility options, and preserve the environment.

Eight strategies were identified based on the vision, from infrastructure improvements to workforce focused service, and improved commuter services. Over the next few months, BCDCOG will be developing these strategies into plans that the Town can use to implement the transit vision.