Who Writes the Plan


Who Writes the Plan?

Ultimately, the whole community writes the plan. Realistically it is impractical to have 1,900 residents crafting this long-range plan, so the Town has a set procedure for who is tasked to write the Comprehensive Plan.

Planning Commission

One of the main responsibilities of the Towns Planning Commission is to manage the research, development and review of the Comprehensive Plan. This Plan is reviewed every 5 year for necessary updates and every 10 years for a full re-write/update.

The Commission endorses the final product (after at least one public hearing), but Council approves the final Plan (through ordinance process).

The seven-members of the Planning Commission, who are your neighbors from across the Island, comprise the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee.

Staff and Technical Consultant Assistance

The Town has retained the Charleston Berkeley Dorchester County Council of Governments to provide technical and long-range planning expertise in the development of this Plan update. BCDCOG planners have extensive experience in long-range planning, developing municipal comprehensive plans and offer a high level of technical expertise (i.e. GIS data, mapping, etc.).

Town Staff: The Towns Building and Planning Staff will liaise closely with BCDCOG planners to spearhead and shepherd the technical writing of this Plan between the Steering Committee, staff, consultants and community stakeholders.

Other Town staff who will be invited to offer specialized information, particularly related to community facilities, will include the Town Administrator and department heads from Fire, Police and Water/Sewer.

Community Stakeholders

The Steering Committee may, as needed, invite community stakeholders to specific workshop sessions to provide specialized expertise on defined areas of the Plan. Examples of these stakeholders might be staff from Fort Moultrie, members of the Design Review Board, Board of Zoning Appeals and Tree Commission.


Remember, every resident is an important stakeholder in the development of this Plan. You are encouraged to attend as many meetings as possible, offer your input in person or by written correspondence. You may track the Plans progress on this project website.



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